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It’s coffee talk but there’s no god damn coffee…

Hosted by Stefan Richard (Host of ‘Stefan Richard Mornings’) & Shena Sabbath (Former Canadian National Team Athlete)


Shena & Stefan sit down to talk music, live music, best concerts, worst concerts & if we have any musical talent ourselves. One of us does. One of us sounds like a cat in a washing machine trying to play anything. Join us for a fun one!

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September 19, 2021


Shena & Stefan get a little deeper than usual on this episode talking about beauty standards. What their experiences have been like dealing with society's beauty standards. The impact of race & gender into beauty standards are explored. All in all, an educational conversation on personal experience & observing the changes of society.

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Shena & Stefan try to figure out what QUALIFIES as rich? The love/hate relationship with money. The conversation shifts from how to make millions with Shena's zany inventions or the crazy prediction about how Stefan's life will turn out! This one is action packed. Join us for this episode!

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Shena competed around the world as a member of Canada's National Fencing Team and Stefan spent many years traveling as a professional wrestler. Traveling by planes, trains, automobiles, traveling around the world, the people we've met and the places we've seen... Plus, where we're yet to get, but we also talk about getting PISSHOLE HAMMERED in a foreign country, Shena's experience staying on an island in Poland surrounded by barbwire! Here we go!

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August 26, 2021


Hey Toffeecockers! Episode 2 talking RELATIONSHIPS:

- Childhood Friendships

- Teenage Years

- Dating

- Sex

- Meeting Lovers in a Bus Shack

- Shena also wishes Stefan to 'Confront His Dumper'

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Stefan & Shena have relaunched & rebranded, THICK n SWEATY is now Toffee Cock! Join us for a different kind of coffee talk...

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April 16, 2021

59 - Tuggin Out A 59er

yo we're back after a lil bit of a 5 month napski - inspector shena wants to know all stefan's lies - where've we been? - shittin in bags - blowin ass - plus, talking our new permanent snack review instagram page!

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December 13, 2020

58 - Washin’ Ass

shena & stefan return in full effect - what would steve irwin do - love advice on another edition of bumpin fuzz - everyone says stefan looks like ritchie valens - stay tuned for chicken fajitas on episode 59 babes

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shena & stefan are here to scum it up with this episode for sure - reminiscing about video stores - an extensive conversation about stefan's potential porn career as glim dugas - shena's bittersweet attempt to rekindle a lover's flame with beer

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November 7, 2020

56 - The Ultimato Warrior

shena & stefan return after a technical difficulty hiatus - stefan almost died from a tiktok - shena talks fancy mint juleps - the oldest dirty joke we know - stefan's aunty fell down a hill drunk

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